From our Flock

All of our lamb, hogget and mutton come from our Welsh Lleyn flock suited to life here in the Welsh Marches. We hang all our meat for 8 – 16 days to tenderise and concentrate the flavour, adding to the culinary experience.

We chose the Lleyn breed of sheep that originated from the Lleyn peninsula of North Wales. a hybrid of a range of breeds selected to give a sheep that is robust, easy to manage and a great mother… in other words, suited to a ‘learner’ farmer and the sometimes wild weather of our area.

Sausage & Burgers:

Our Merguez Sausage, using just mutton and a north African blend of spices have proved to be hugely popular with old and young alike. They are a very versatile sausage being used as pizza toppings, meat balls (served with carbonara or tomato sauce) and reshaped into mini- burgers and koftas. They are used in casseroles and cassoulets.  Gluten & dairy free.

Mint & Feta Burgers:  made with hogget or lamb when in-season the feta cheese adds a subtle saltiness to the flavour. Our best selling burger. Gluten Free.  Sometimes available without the Feta, just mint, salt & pepper.

Classic Burger: our original hogget burger this uses a range of spices for flavour not heat. It includes grated onion, chopped sultanas and breadcrumbs.  Mmmh my favourite!

Mutton Steak Burger: just coarsely ground mutton steak with nutmeg, mace, salt & pepper. Gluten & dairy free.

About our Lamb:

Available from end of July, we do not sell ‘spring lamb’ which is lamb born this season. That’s because it will still be suckling from its mother and has as yet not had chance to graze on any significant amount of fresh grass. Indeed start lambing in March so that hopefully the weather is a little kinder to the new born lambs (farmer too!) and there is some fresh grass to greet them in their early grazing.

Early in the year fresh grass is limited in availability (mud in abundance!) so we ensure they have continuous access to hay or haylage made from our mixed pasture. A grass-fed diet is critical to flavour and health, both of the sheep, and for us as we eat their meat.

From mid / late summer lamb is still tender and succulent and is generating much more flavour as it approaches the transition to hogget.

About our Hogget:

A hogget is more mature than lamb but not as strong flavoured as mutton.  In its second year it has had chance to develop more flavour and the meat is firmer. The fat distribution is changing to being more peripheral with less fat within the muscle.

Hogget is making a great revival and many celebrity chefs are increasingly extolling its values.

About our Mutton:

Wonderfully flavoursome with a firm texture it is often likened to venison.  Great for roasts as well as slow cooked casserole feasts, tagines and more. Our loins and steaks are great ‘fast food’ being wonderful served medium rare!

We have an established trade in Merguez sausage and calculated that in the past year we have sold approximately one metric ton of this wonderful spicy sausage!  Mutton steak burgers are also available.

The Tasty, Healthy Story for Sheep

When we started at Weobley Ash we wanted to present a range of ‘tasty healthy foods’. So we considered what makes for particularly tasty and healthy lamb. We concluded that diet and preparation are the two key essentials.

How we feed our flock.

Having the right diet is essential for humans and equally so for animals.  Sheep are ruminant animals.  That is to say they have extra stomachs designed to digest grass and herbage. Giving a sheep soya and abundant grain is the same as eating too much fast food.  They put on weight but the quality of weight is not as nature intended.

The meat from a grass fed animal is lower in fat and therefore calories, it’s richer in omega 3 fatty acids, richer in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, powerful in protecting against cancers) and richer in vitamins.

It is not my intent to explain the detail:  if you are interested please go to the website.  Page ‘health benefits’.

The pasture we graze is old pasture rich in a diverse range of grasses and herbs.  Importantly the different species of herbage have roots of different lengths and are differently able to absorb minerals from different depths of the soil. Additionally, our flock has ongoing access to mineral buckets.  These supplements are specially formulated to the needs of our area (the Welsh Marches) which is notoriously poor in selenium. We also strategically drench our flock with a liquid mineral drench at key points in the year, notably the ewes pre-tupping, mid term, at birth and at weaning.

Avoiding stress is important for sheep as well as humans.  We try to ensure minimal stress by providing constant access to food and care.  The slaughter process is important too.  Our animals travel a short distance to a small local abattoir. Knowing the staff, we are able to ensure there is minimal waiting time and the whole process is fast and humane and the meat is not toughened by stress hormones.

Meat Prices

All animals can be butchered to your requirements and are supplied vacuum packed and clearly labeled convenient for freezing. Here are standard cuts and their pricing /kg

Lamb Hogget / Mutton
Leg £11.00 £12.00
Boned rolled leg £13.50 £13.50
Rump £16.00 £16.00
Steak £14.00 £15.00
Shoulder £8.00 £9.00
Boned rolled shoulder £13.50 £13.50
Neck Fillet £15.00 £15.00
Chops £14.00 £15.00
French trim rack £18.00 £20.00
Noisettes £18.00 £18.00
Boned rolled saddle / loin £18.00 £20.00
Loin / Fillet / Cannon £25.00 £25.00
Ribs £7.50 £7.50
Diced £13.00 £13.00
Mince £11.00 £11.00
Neck chops £6.00 £6.00
Breast £6.00 £6.00
Heart x 2 £2.00 £2.00
Kidney x 2 £2.00 £2.00
Liver £6.00 £6.00
Burgers (for 4)
Minted lamb & feta £5.00
Minted lamb £5.00
Classic Hogget £5.00
Mutton steak £6.00
Merguez Sausages £13.00
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