Our Approach

Our aim at Weobley Ash is to produce tasty, healthy food.

We thought that sounded easy enough, until realising the myriad of factors that influence taste and health.  It’s not as simple as following a single set of rules such as producing organically. There is much more.

In our search for what it takes to make food tasty and healthy a few sources have been most influential. The first is ‘We Want Real Food’ by Graham Harvey who talks about the health of soil and the declining levels of minerals in our foods.  Another is the ‘Eat Wild’ web site which best describes the value of grass in an animal’s diet.  This is clearly evident in eggs where a commercial Free Range egg is so obviously a different product to our Free to Range eggs.

At Weobley Ash we started as a smallholding, which got a little out of hand. But compared to ‘real farmers’ we are still very small. Whilst farms in the past would manage around 100 acres, they now manage a 1000 and are managed by fewer people, calling in contractors with specialised equipment for various jobs. That’s the economy of scale which does indeed have many advantages. However the drive for efficiency can mean a few details are lost.

If you do read Graham Harvey’s book you will see that he blames many of modern day woes on the commercialisation of farming and the use of fertilisers. We consider him a little extreme in his views, though directionally true.

We would also like to encourage everyone to consider the source, the provenance of the food they buy; to know how their food is produced. Our website aims to help you understand how we work, but please do come and see for yourself.

And please do visit the Eat Wild site:  especially the section

Health Benefits of Grass-fed Products’.

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