About Us

We are a working family farm nestled on the English side of the Welsh Marches between Kington and Presteigne.

David and I (I’m Helen) moved to the country with the aim of producing ‘tasty, healthy food’.  But what does it take to produce such tasty healthy food?  Could we really claim that our meat or eggs are any better than that you might buy in the supermarket? What affects the taste and goodness of foods?

That’s where our science background helps as we research the myriad of factors that affect both taste and health. Its not as simple as following a single set of rules such as producing organically, there is much more.

So if tasty, healthy food is what you are looking for, join us on our journey as we learn, understand and put into practice all that we learn. Or maybe you can add to our learning, we would love to hear from.

And whilst our website aims to help you understand the provenance of our produce, please do come and see for yourself.

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