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About our Eggs

Within ‘Our Approach’ we talk about the need for a diet of grass.  This is most obviously evident in our eggs as the yolk is a wonderful vibrant yellow and they taste is noticeably better than regular shop eggs.

About our hens

Our hens are a range of different breeds that lay eggs of differing colours including a bluey – green egg as well as shades of brown, and white.  We think this makes for a very attractive clutch of eggs.

We find that the breed of the bird changes according to the supplier. So we used to buy Skylines for their blue/green egg but since the business was sold they are now Columbines. We also have black rock, white ranger, light sussex, magpie, Beechwood blue (also supplied as Blue Rhonda) warrens and some of our own hybrids as hens hatch a clutch of eggs.

We have four cockerels starting with Derek a Rhode Island Red.  The others are sons of Derek.

The Tasty, healthy story

During the day our hens are Free to Range wherever they wish. The difference this makes is that they scrat on green pasture. It’s the availability of flora and fauna that makes the difference to the taste and health of the egg.  A diverse diet including a range of grasses, herbs and flowers, rich in insects and wildlife produces an egg that is naturally richer in omega 3 and vitamin D.  This in turn makes for a particularly healthy egg.

Note:  Eggs rich in omega 3 can be bought in the shops.  I understand that these are from hens fed a diet rich in Flaxseed.

Commercial free range birds have access to limited space. As chickens constantly scrat in search of tasty little morsels the regulation space is very quickly devoid of any vegetation and the bugs and grubs that might hide within the herbage.  So apart from seeing the sun and being able to walk around a little, their diet is no different from that of a caged bird:  calculated to maximize egg production.  That’s why Free to Range is better!

Whilst reading nutritionalist Jane Clarke’s site, I was struck by the number of vitamins and minerals that are found in eggs.  This led me to find …

EFO (Egg Farmers of Ontario).  It’s a great site, which expands on other dietary reasons why eating lots of eggs is really good for us and includes a range of recipes.

It lists 12 reasons to eat eggs, including an improvement in concentration, better weight management, improved brain development, protecting vision, lasting energy and more, not excluding the fact that they taste great and make a wonderful ‘fast food’.

Note:  Eggs rich in omega 3 can be bought in the shops.  I understand that these are from hens fed a diet rich in Flaxseed.

Egg Prices

Our eggs are £1.40 a box or £2.80 a dozen.

Drop in and collect your eggs from the honesty box in the yard.  Or if you are local and want a regular delivery we may be able to drop off to you.

If you’re a large business (perhaps a restaurant or cafe) and would like to order larger numbers of eggs from us please get in touch. Contact Details

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